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Though center-aisle barns are our most common equestrian projects, we can also build shed row barns, run-in-sheds, and riding arenas (arenas can be up to 90' wide and as long as you want).

Our horse barns are completely customizable, so you can choose a design specifically for the needs of you and your horses. We can copy an old barn, recreate a set of plans you find on Pinterest, or help you bring to life an idea of your own. Our equine gallery is also full of post-frame projects that you can use as inspiration.

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To Consider

There are many factors that go into your dream horse barn. Below are a few of the key details to consider.

Roofing and Siding

Starting with the exterior, there are several options for horse barns. Metal and shingles are the two most common roofing choices. As for the sides, most of our buildings have metal siding, which is the most economical choice. Metal requires very little maintenance, and it is easy to clean. We also offer a variety of metal colors (see our color visualizer), so you can choose a color combination that suits your taste.

Wood is also a popular siding choice for horse barns. It will need to be stained or painted periodically, but it looks beautiful. When combined with a metal or shingle roof, wood siding creates a classic look that compliments many equestrian properties.

Though metal and wood are the most popular siding choices, we can also use products like vinyl and Hardi board, among others. We work with multiple material suppliers, so we can help you find the roofing and siding that best matches your house, existing barn, or any other structure.

Sliding Barn Doors

Most center-aisle barns are fitted with split-sliding doors for aisle access. While sliding barn doors are aesthetically pleasing, they also require no space when open, making them a practical option. We offer standard sliding doors (see EKP20021), custom options (see ELH19091), and, in some cases, we can even install doors that you provide. For more information concerning custom sliding doors, visit stallworksllc.com and horsebarnsupplies.com, as they provide the doors for most of our horse barn projects. Both companies also have information regarding Dutch doors, bale doors, and other barn elements.


Standard stall size is 12'x12', but they can be larger or smaller, depending on your preferences and the size of your horses. Our stalls are built with 2"x6" tongue and groove, which can be placed vertically (see ESB20036) or horizontally (see ELM19082).

Like our custom sliding doors, we buy our stall doors, grills, and hardware from StallWorks and J&E Manufacturing. To see the full list of stall options we can install, just visit their websites.

The Process


Once you decide on a design, it's time to talk about barn cost. One of our sales reps provides you a free quote (or multiple quotes), and, if the price is right, we sign a contract.


Moving onto the logistics of the project, the first step is to apply for any necessary permits (though some equestrian projects will not require this). All towns and counties have their own sets of regulations, so it is best to check with your local officials for guidance.

Site Preparation

Next, it is time to prepare your barn site. We ask for the pad to be at least 5' wider than the building on all sides (for example, a 36'x36' barn requires a 46'x46' pad). This creates the necessary room for our crew members to move around the building with ladders, lifts, and other equipment.


Now that your site is ready, we can build your barn! A simple barn or run-in shed can be built in a few days, but more complicated buildings can take weeks, or even months. Horse barn projects that include plumbing, electrical, insulation, and other elements usually involve multiple contractors, creating lag time between each phase of the job.

With all of that said, we can often save you the headache of pulling the permits, preparing the site, and hiring contractors for the electrical and plumbing. If you are located close to our Harrisonburg office, we can handle the project from start to finish, meaning you don't have to worry about a thing.

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