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Pole Barn for your Horses

A pole barn is a fast, long-lasting solution for housing your horses. Your horses are the bread and butter of your life. We understand this at Superior Buildings. Our Equine Pole Building Kits are designed to keep your horses safe and happy. Whether you have one horse or a team ready to hit the races or other competitions, we can help you construct the perfect design. These can be used to house horses or extra hay, depending on the scale you require. Hay also has the option to be stored in an above loft.

Creative Construction


Let us help you build the barn of your dreams so you can be the envy of all your "horse-friends."


The units should be kept cool through a natural breeze that flows through the barn. Large doors help with this, and small windows are also an option. On the other hand, when it’s time to keep heat in, barriers can control the flow of the sun’s heat.

All in all, we're masters at keeping your horse barn the perfect temperature year round.

To Consider

When constructing the perfect Equine Building, many factors should be considered. Each one is naturally catered to your needs based on the plans you choose. With that said, it’s important to seriously consider all factors before putting in finalizations.

Firstly, it is important to think about the climate you live in. The way the weather changes throughout the season will impact the type of space you need. This manifests both in the shape and ventilation measures that will be taken.

Secondly, porches and similar run out spaces are important as well. Some units may not need them, while others require detailed designs. Superior Buildings' experts can help with any questions regarding porches and rollouts.

Thirdly, it’s good to consider whether you’ll need a space designated for living quarters. Sometimes, it’s more efficient to live by your horses. With that said, residential design elements can be incorporated into any equestrian building, and we can also build complete homes. Coupling the Residential Pole Building and Equine Pole Building is seamless and efficient for you and your horses. Design possibilities are only limited by your budget and imagination.

When you invest in an Equestrian Pole Building, you’re investing in your own life and the life of your horses. We understand that they are like family to you. With that said, it’s essential that their living space is held to a certain standard. Ensuring that they have proper ventilation and ample space is possible when you create the design yourself. Every detail from color choice to loft size is up to you. As for the budget, the price of your project is largely dependent on its size. The experts at Superior Buildings are here to help walk you through any part of the process as questions arise.

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