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Barns for Farms

Post-frame construction has long been the preferred building style for all types of farm buildings. Pole barns are less expensive than many other types of construction, while also being quick to build and easy to maintain.

At Superior Buildings, we can build any type of structure for your farm. All of our buildings are custom, so you can choose a design that fits your unique wants and needs. We can match an existing building, recreate a set of plans you find online, or help you come up with a design of your own! Our agricultural gallery also has examples of past projects, which can be used as inspiration.

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To Consider

Foundation System

At Superior Buildings, we can build with several different foundation systems. Generally, we use the traditional post-frame method, which looks like this:

Step 1: Drill holes into the ground.
Step 2: Place 5”-8” of concrete in each hole.
Step 3: Place posts on top of the concrete.
Step 4: Backfill with dirt.

Though that is our preferred foundation system, we can also build on existing concrete floors, foundation walls, or Perma Columns.

Roofing and Siding

Most of our buildings feature 29 gauge metal roofing and siding, which is affordable, long lasting, and easy to clean. It’s also available in a variety of colors (see our color visualizer), so you can choose a color combination that suits your taste.

Though metal is the popular roofing and siding choice for most farm buildings, we can also use other materials. Alternative roofing options are shingles and standing seam. As for the sides, we can use products such as wood and Hardie board, among others. We work with multiple material suppliers, so we can help you find the siding and roofing that best matches your needs.

The Process


As you might have already noticed, we don’t have pricing noted anywhere on our website. This is because prices can vary greatly by location and design choices. However, one of our sales reps can provide you with a free quote for your chosen design. If the price is right, the next steps are signing a contract and finalizing the building plans.

Site Preparation

Next, it is time to prepare your building site. We ask for the pad to be at least 5' wider than the building on all sides (for example, a 30’x40’ garage requires a 40’x50’ pad). This creates the necessary room for our crew members to move around the building with ladders, lifts, and other equipment.


Now that your site is ready, we can construct your building! A small machine shed or goat barn can be built in a few days, but more complicated buildings can take weeks, or even months.

Working with Superior Buildings

Throughout the building process, your sales rep will communicate with you regularly, making sure that your building is turning out as expected. Our goal is to provide you with a building that serves you for years to come, so no detail is too small!

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