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What to Expect


Build a Barn

Assess and Estimate

We ask questions to get a solid idea of your ideal situation, goals, site etc. We will assess pricing and your budget.
Lastly, we estimate a time frame in which the planning and construction period of your building will take place.


Design and Visit

We work with you on the design specifications based on the budget selected, then come for an onsite visit.
We refine the price, incorporating any site discoveries, as well as design modifications

Technical Phase

After a contract is signed, we begin designing and drawing. We pull permits or deliver permit paperwork to you to request proper permits from your local municipality.



After outlining a construction schedule, we prepare the site to make it level for building (this can be done by customer or Superior Buildings).


We build your structure.  You get to witness the exciting post-frame construction technique.


Final Touches

We finish all electrical and plumbing, flooring, and door installation as necessary, and do a final walk through with you to ensure satisfaction!


Affordable Pole-Barn Builders in Virginia

We know that when you hire us to build a pole-barn, often years of hard work and dreams are behind your decision.  Therefore, we strive to always provide the best value to you, balancing fair pricing and superb quality.  When looking for affordable pole-barn builders in Virginia, certain factors in your particular project can affect pricing.

Factors we take into consideration in our pricing of your pole-barn building include:
  • Site specifications
  • County/Governments costs
  • Upgraded and custom features
  • The size and style of your building
  • Your chosen turn key specifications

Our Process