26x44x12 Garage in Zuni, VA (RDW19023)

This 26x44x12 residential garage was built in Zuni, VA, by Superior Buildings.
Zuni, VA


  • Sides: Charcoal
  • Roof: Black
  • Trim: Black


  • 6/12 Pitch Roof (Scissor Trusses)
  • 12" Eave and Gable Overhangs
  • (1) 8'x28' Lean-To with a Liner Panel Ceiling and Wrapped Posts
  • (2) 12'x10' Overhead Doors
  • (1) 6' 15-Lite Entry Door
  • (4) 36"x48" Aluminum Windows
  • (1) 36" Cupola

Customer comments:

"I had Superior Buildings build a pole barn. I researched these buildings for a few years before I decided on finally getting one built. I searched around and contacted multiple companies about having the building I drew up built and getting quotes. I decided to go with Superior Buildings because they were very prompt and professional. They listened to what I wanted and built it exactly like I wanted it. They were very easy to deal with and the whole process was extremely smooth! I highly recommend them! I already want them to come back and add on!

I had the pleasure of having Steve and his crew build my building. They were very proficient and the craftsmanship was top notch! Steve was great, he communicated very well and kept me up to date on the progress of the building and what was next to be completed. He is an extremely hard worker and got the building done in a very timely manner especially for him traveling 3 hours to the jobsite. I would use Superior Buildings and Steve again!

Don’t hesitate to contact them and have them build the building of your dreams!"

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